Stop getting Triggered! Use one of the effective coping strategies from the Blueprint instead!
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About Morgan

I help women heal emotionally.  I've been on the journey myself and help others now. 

My childhood and into my late teens were pretty lousy and it caused all sorts of emotional issues for me to "deal with." 
I thought I could just shove it aside and I would be "fine." But I wasn't.  It affected how I felt about myself (that I was "enough"), intimacy with my husband, closeness with my children, building my business and the list goes on. 

But... I've learned how to process and purge the garbage that doesn't serve me. 

Now I want to show you how!

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Stop getting Triggered & use this instead!
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Your "Emotional Coping Strategies Blueprint" is a Step-by-Step Mindmap Showing You...

A list of 14 Strategies to choose from the next time you feel triggered and the 4 you should NEVER use (but are most people's default response).
Why some strategies are just TERRIBLE no matter what & why some need to be used with EXTREME caution (get this wrong and you'll do far more harm).
Which strategies are best to decrease Intensity of negativity, Relationship to negativity and Perspective on the event... and when it's best to use each.
And much more!

Get Your Blueprint TODAY

Stop getting Triggered & use this instead!
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