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A Healing Studio in Mapleton, Utah
Finally leave life's worst moments behind


Heal through cognitive & energy healing methods to finally live with joy, self-love and passion!
*Heal from: the root cause of low self-esteem, confidence, self-love and self-worth, feelings of unworthiness, past failures, body image negativity, lousy childhood, verbal, emotional & sexual trauma.  Emotional negativity that's keeping you from joy, self-love and passion in life.
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Energy Healing & Emotional Release
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Let's get on the phone for 15 minutes for a mini healing session.  You'll get to know me and my process so you can make a decision that serves you best. I'd love to talk to you soon! ~Morgan
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Hi, I'm Morgan! 

I offer a unique healing experience crafted from reiki, emotional release, light language, EFT, life coaching and Positive Psychology.

I've been through years of training, certifications and my own personal journey to figure out how to heal myself from some of life's worst moments. I used to live from a place of fear and hurt. I don't any longer.

On my healing journey I found that no one system or method is the right fit for everyone. So I've created my own modality to create REAL & LASTING change. 

Let me help you... starting today.  

Just fill out the form above for a FREE 15-minute Healing Discovery Session.  It's time to heal and fully enjoy life!
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