How to decrease emotional overwhelm in 5 minutes

A simple exercise to release emotion
Hi!  It's Morgan Turley and I wanted to share a quick exercise with you.  

It's called "Expressive Writing".

There are about a dozen different tools that I teach my clients to use but this is my personal favorite.

I used it to start my healing (and still use it when I need to)...

So here's what to do.

1.   When you feel triggered and are struggling with some messy emotions
2.   Take out a piece of paper and answer these 2 questions:
3.   What am I feeling?
4.   What am I thinking right now.

Don't let the simplicity stop you from using it. I use it. My husband does. My son does. And my clients do. It works.

The next time you're feeling triggered or overwhelmed sit down and just let yourself write down whatever comes to mind.

Don't judge.

Don't censor.

Just write.

And it's okay to only write about the emotional aspects. It doesn't have to be "logical" or "factual." Emotions usually aren't and that's okay ;-)

Simply getting it out of your head and onto paper can be enough to process through and release them.

Sometimes they need more "work" and that's okay.

But usually simply getting it out and seeing it on paper can be just what you need to process through it and not keep on suppressing or avoiding.

It's time to change the cycle. It's not good for your physical or emotional health.

I want to help you heal emotionally.

And this is the first step... release and process emotions.
My jaw made me do this...
The exercise I just shared is exactly one of the first things I did at the very start of my emotional healing journey.

One morning years ago I woke up with a major pain in my jaw.

I couldn't stand it any longer and decided I simply had to change something in my life...

I knew what it was from but I could NOT seem to make it go away...

I was SO overwhelmed with my emotions at the time (a few years ago).

And it seemed like it was getting harder and harder to shove all my messy emotions aside and "just be happy" or to "just think positively."

I tried it.

Relaxation. Yoga. Meditation. Positive thoughts.

But it seemed like no matter what I did, nothing worked.

I wasn't making ANY progress.

And then my jaw got all tight and hurt.

There had to be SOME WAY that would make it GO AWAY!

But I couldn't figure it out.

Not until one day...

I decided to stop avoiding what I was feeling.

You see... I had gotten REALLY good at shoving the emotions aside.

I got good at suppressing them and distracting myself to feel better (I read a TON when I'm in the "distraction mode").

I had hoped these messy emotions would just somehow go away for good if I didn't "deal" with them.

But they didn't.

So I decided to stop avoiding them...

And instead, I started to uncover them one by one.

To face them, to dig into them and "deal" with them.

And guess what, when I became aware of them and stopped hiding from them....

That was the thing that finally started the healing.

That is when my life began to shift.

So today I wanted to share one simple step you can take to start your shift (if you need it...)
I invite you to take that step today.