Hi, I'm Morgan

I can help you heal emotionally...

I've been on the journey myself & have helped others since.

Childhood and into my late teens was pretty lousy for me and it caused all sorts of emotional issues for me to "deal with" later in life. 

I knew I probably needed to do something with my emotional issues but I thought I could just shove it aside and pretending everything was "fine." 

But then I got married and had children.  

For me, this is when I became REALLY CLEAR just how much it was affecting me.  And I knew for certain... I needed to heal myself.
My emotional issues from childhood and teenage years were affected how I felt about myself, my relationship with my husband, closeness with my children, how I looked at myself in the mirror, my self-confidence to go after my dreams and pretty much every other area of my life. 

A few years ago I decided I wasn’t going to let all this emotional baggage keep getting in the way of the life I really wanted.

So I went on a journey.

I did a bunch of "work" on myself: coaching, therapy, tapping (EFT) and various energy and emotional healing modalities before I went on to become a reiki master, certified life coach and developing my own emotional healing modality. 

I did this to heal myself.  I did this so I could finally live my life the way that I wanted to! 

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You're in the right place....

(I can help because I've been there)

Now I know how to help others on their journey to heal emotionally.  

If you're anything like me, you've had experiences in the past that have affected you emotionally.

And as I've worked with women in healing emotionally, I've seen common challenges come up over and over again... 

Challenges like... how to stop that negative internal dialog, the one that seems to constantly put yourself down. 

Challenges like... having low self-esteem, low self confidence, a lack of self-worth.

Challenges like... having an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.

Challenges like... never really feeling good enough to be loved, that if others “really knew” who you were deep inside, they wouldn’t love you.

Challenges like... still feeling like a little child, seeking your parents' approval and needing their acceptance to feel that you're okay. 

Challenges like... feeling that you’re a failure & that your past dictates your future. 

Challenges like... having a lousy childhood that seems be following you around. 

Challenges like... others see you as lacking, that you’re not smart enough, pretty enough, skinny enough, outgoing enough, that you’re too quiet, too loud or too whatever…. 

Challenges like... believing all of this negative garbage from others.

Let's work together

I'd love to help you

I believe that without healing emotionally, it’s impossible to learn and grow like we were intended to in this life, to live our best life.  Only when you go through the steps of healing, can you fully love, support, and be present for yourself and others.

This is what I’m offering… so let's work together ;-) 

Apply for a Free Healing Discovery Session

a 30 minute session to take your first steps to healing