Morgan Turley
Level 4 Reiki Master

Get EMotional RELIEF and Healing with A Level 4 Reiki Master

Reiki energy work to clear old negative emotions and beliefs.  Feel lighter and enjoy life fully.

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Clear Old Negative Emotions & Beliefs
People come to me when other methods fail

The Event

Many don't realize that their current emotional or physical pain is the result of some past event. 
The emotions from a "major" or "minor" event weren't processed properly, instead suppressed.  These become stuck, disrupting your energy flow and balance.

While other approaches to "healing" or processing emotions require drudging up all the details that lead to your trapped emotions... I felt there had to be a better way.

There is.  That's what I offer 😉

the Trapped emotions

My approach to healing, and why I developed my own hybrid method, is so you can finally be free of emotional or physical pain in your life. 
People come to me for relief of physical or emotional pain.  As we begin the healing process, they're finally able to release trapped emotions, process past events and live life fully.  

Life is no longer based on negative beliefs, emotional triggers and a lack of self-love. 

Where other methods fail, I'm can heal by being able to access areas energetically from the past while giving psychology and coaching tools to meet life as it happens.

Release emotions and stop being triggered!

the healing Process

Each session is a unique healing experience crafted from on reiki, emotional release, light language, EFT, life coaching & Positive Psychology.
Heart-Felt Chat
We’ll spend a few minutes talking so I can intuitively assess your energetic wellbeing and needs. Share as much as you’d like in strict confidentiality.
Healing Session
I’ll use my depth of education and experience to create a treatment plan specific to your life vision and energetic needs.  Session options below.
Relief & Progress
After each session I'll share with you all the intuitive insights I gained and give tools to use so you can continue your progress until our next session.

Session Details

Each session is created for a specific purpose and customized to your needs.
Reiki Healing Session
Price: $95
Length: 60 minutes
This session focuses on finding and releasing trapped emotions. I intuitively and energetically uncover emotions that you are needing to release and clear.

To aide in processing through these emotions I will place crystals around or on your body to create a healing state to allow your body the time and space to release the emotions in a safe environment.

Emotions can be very overwhelming and many of us haven’t learned how to process and release them in a healthy way. Oftentimes this leads to avoiding or suppressing these emotions completely which can cause emotional or even physical challenges to heal from.

Those I've Helped

One session and the pain went away!
I have used Morgan's natural healing modalities over the years and have received great benefits. Her healing reiki sessions combined with the Emotion Code have helped me heal from physical pain after an intense neck injury.  

She recently helped me move through and release significant stress from raising teenagers that I couldn't shake. Her reiki session even helped the pain of losing my big toenail, and the throbbing during the night would keep me up. She did one session, and the pain went away, and I could finally sleep. 

She has also helped my teenagers release some heavy emotions and help their stomach issues subside. 

If you are looking for natural ways to heal physical pain, release heightened negative emotions that you can't shake, or need some clarity in certain areas of your life, I highly recommend working with Morgan.
Teresa Porter
I feel better, sleep better and am a better person :-) 
I absolutely cannot say enough great things about Healing by Morgan. What she has done for me and my family has been amazing. Teachers have even commented about the change they see in my kids since having them do seasons with Morgan.

For myself I have been able to let go of things from my past and while I thought I had moved on I didn't realize until a session or two with Morgan I had underlining things still hanging on. I have felt better, slept better and been a better person overall.

If you are looking into it or even thinking about it take the leap. It is worth it.
Stacie Quader
I feel alive again
Morgan is a literal miracle worker. After the trauma of infertility, IVF, and having to deliver my baby at 27 weeks just for him to pass away minutes later, I was carrying around a lot of trauma in all forms. I tried various therapists to work on healing and felt stuck with my progress. I started to look into other treatment modalities and came upon Morgan. 

With her incredible energy work, I have been able to overcome a lot of suppressed emotions and trauma. Morgan has helped me feel like me again and given me coping mechanisms to carry me throughout life. I enjoy each and every session with her and also come away feeling rejuvenated. 

If you’re considering integrating energy work into your life, Morgan is your gal!
Alex Ames
Comfortable, relaxing and informative
What an amazing experience! This was my first time working with Reiki healing and Morgan was just fantastic to work with. 

She was so kind and made the whole experience comfortable, relaxing, and informative. I appreciated the time she took afterwards to discuss with me her findings and ways to move forward. 

Definitely recommend!
Jesse Dean
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Hi, I'm Morgan

I spent the better part of 10 years on a journey to heal from a pretty lousy childhood and teen years.  

Throughout my own journey, I explored ever possible way of healing. I found what actually worked for me... without staying in therapy endlessly or relying on medication.

I no longer live from a place for fear and pain because of some of life's worst moments.

And now to better serve my clients, I created my own method based on my own journey and in-depth training in reiki, emotional release, EFT, life coaching and Positive Psychology.

Book a session now so I can help you process and heal from difficult emotions, triggers and false beliefs.
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The Studio

I'd love for you to book a session so I can help you start the healing process!   

I've turned a large room in our house into my studio by creating a quiet and relaxing space to enhance your healing experience.
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